for interior
Bubbles that result from loss of adherence and lifting of the paint film off the support surface.
Unwanted bonding of two painted surfaces when pressed together (e.g., a door attached to the leaf).
Development of yellowish traces in the aged paint.
A hard surface curled which appears when paint builds up a “skin”.
Leakage or curtain formation right after application having as result uneven coverage.
Tendency of a roller to drop paint drops during application.
Non intentional textured pattern left by the roll in the paint.
Deficiency of a paint to withstand the absorption of dirt.
Glossy or matte spots (also known as "glitters") on a painted surface, uneven gloss.
Wear or remove a paint film when rubbed with a brush, sponge or cloth.
The inefficiency of a paint to hide or "cover" the surface on which it was applied.
An effect of a non-uniform color that can occur when a wall is painted with a roll, but brushed at the corners.
Stains or black, gray or brown areas on a painted surface.
Blister formation resulting in small, round, concave depressions (cracks).
Complete removal of the paint.
Increase the gloss of a paint film when subjected to rubbing or brushing.
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