for exterior
Cracking the surface of a paint film resembling "crocodile skin."
Bubbles resulted from loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from the support surface.
Formation of a fine powder on the surface of the paint film in the face of exposure to weathering.
Complete removal of the paint.
Accumulation of dirt, dust film and / or other miseries on the paint film may resemble mold.
Crust deposits on mortar or masonry as the water penetrates.
Premature discoloration that often occurs on surfaces exposed in the sun.
The appearance of a thicker or different glossy color, where wet and dry layers overlap in the paint application.
Red-brown spots and dots on the surface of the paint film.
Removal of paint due to poor adhesion.
Color loss and general damage of the paint film on fresh masonry.
A tough, wrinkled surface that occurs when the paint forms a "skin”.
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