Advices for exterior


Premature discoloration that often occurs on surfaces exposed in the sun.



• Use of indoor paints for an outdoor application
• Use of poor quality paint that leads to rapid film degradation (creation)
• The use of UV-sensitive coloring solutions to color white paints


Application of products with a clear interior destination for the exterior is to be avoided. Outdoor products have superior dirt resistance, interference resistance and UV resistance. When discoloration is the result of chalking we must consider preparing the support. First remove as much as possible the scraping residue with a rough, rigid brush and then wash the support surface thoroughly. Check for any traces of cracking with the palm on the surface after it has dried. Then apply a primer depending on the type of support and re-paint. Concrete and new plasters must be left for at least 4 weeks for drying and maturing. Otherwise, there is a risk that the cement base will destroy both the paint and pigment structure. When choosing the paint it is necessary to take into account both the aesthetic criteria (the degree of whiteness, the hue) and the technical ones (degree of washability, spreading rate and yield).
For color fastness it is necessary to choose a paint that has high UV and weathering resistance or for manual coloring fade-resistant pigments. For superior color resistance we recommend QTEK tint base ext. These products are resistant to weathering and UV, high coverage, pigments with UV resistance and dirt resistance.

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