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Cracking the surface of a paint film resembling "crocodile skin."



• Application of an extremely hard, rigid coating such as an alkyd enamel over a more flexible coating such as a primer for emulsified paints
• Application of a paint before the substrate is dried (especially when successive layers have been applied over time) 


Old paint must be completely removed by scraping and polishing. After cleaning the surface, prepare it in accordance with the recommendations given on the label of the product (cleaning, sanding, and priming). Apply the paint observing indications regarding preparation and application of product. Paints will not be applied at temperatures lower than 5 degrees Celsius and higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Time for in depth drying must be observed.
If a fast drying of surface is needed, we recommend fast drying enamel EVRIKA in system with the anti-corrosive primer EVRIKA that provide surfaces long protection.

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