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Crust deposits on mortar or masonry as the water penetrates.



• Insufficient preparation of the surface, no removal of previous efflorescence
• Excessive humidity of masonry
• Application of the product on wet masonry


The salt efflorescence is removed by brushing. It is mandatory to eliminate the moisture source that favors the dampness after which stains are removed by washing with water. Repair the roof, clean the roof gutter and drains. If necessary seal all cracks and gouges with putty. Prime the surface with QTEK wall primer as a coat that increases the adhesion of subsequent paint coats. Allow to dry very well.
After the layer has dried apply the ultra-washable QTEK silicone finishing layers that resist to multiple wash cycles. Also QTEK decorative plaster have resistance to wear, scratches, temperature and pollution variations, water vapor permeability and water impermeability. As foundation and adhesion for the application of decorative plasters use QTEK primer paint.

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