Advices for exterior


Removal of paint due to poor adhesion. Where there is a primer and paint or several layers of paint, the peeling may include one or more layers.



• Infiltration of moisture through unsealed joints, worn putty, or leakage through roof or walls
• Inappropriate surface preparation
• The metal surface on which the alkyd primer was applied has not been degreased


Identify and eliminate de humidity source. If there are defects of the roof or leakages -repair to eliminate this way the humidity source. If the support substrate is affected, you must remove affected layer and repair. Old paint layers will be removed, surface must be degreased and dust removed. After repair, apply wall primer/primer paint and allow the surface to dry in depth. For masonry surfaces we recommend as final layer the washable paint for exterior, with silicone, EVRIKA or QTEK ultra washable with silicone having superior resistance to weathering, UV and dirt.
In case of metallic surfaces clean/ remove dust, if needed by brushing or polishing with abrasive paper and degrease with thinner, protect with anti-corrosive primer EVRIKA. Our recommendation: apply 1 – 2 coats of enamel EVRIKA with fast drying or EVRIKA enamel super glossy.
Wood surfaces will be cleaned, fissures or other surface defects repaired with putty, allowed to dry and polished with abrasive paper apply LAZUR wood protection primer 2in1 and as final coat apply enamel or a lacquer depending on the desired finish.


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