Advices for exterior

Rusty nail heads

Red-brown spots and dots on the surface of the paint film.



  • Nail heads started to rust after excessive polishing, or exposure to weathering, the rust penetrating the paint layer 

Exposed to high humidity conditions nail heads can rust. It is necessary to clean the rust before the application of an anti-corrosive primer that has following roles: it protects the metal from rust, helps decorative layers to better adhere on support and avoids exfoliation and cracking of paint film. After the application of the primer finishing layers will be applied.
For a high resistance to wear and the protection of metallic surfaces we recommend anti corrosive primer EVRIKA with fast drying. For the finishing coats use super glossy alkyd enamel EVRIKA or the enamel EVRIKA with fast drying that has superior resistance to water, mineral oil, temperature differences and UV radiations.


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