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Bubbles that result from loss of adherence and lifting of the paint film off the support surface.



  • Paints applied on wet surfaces
  • Paint applied before support is dried (especially when successive coats have been applied)
  • Exposing the emulsion paint film to high humidity, right after paint dried especially when surface to paint has not been properly prepared 

It is important to remove the cause of moisture. The affected areas are allowed to dry in order not to damage the subsequent coats of paint. The remediation solution for bubbles differs depending on the degree of surface damage. If the bubbles do not reach the support and are only in the paint layer, they can be removed, depending on the nature of the paint and the substrate with a wire brush or by scraping with a spatula. The surface is sanded, scraped off, repaired if necessary with spatula putty and properly prepared to apply the paint. If the substrate is affected the affected layer must be removed and repaired. After total and in-depth drying of the surface, the surface is sanded and primed appropriately, the final step being the application of the paint.
For durable protection in any season use EVRIKA silicone exterior which acts as a barrier to moisture and dirt giving facades beauty and resistance over time. Also a highly effective solution for durable finishes is Evrika Pro ultra-washable, water-repellent and hydrophobic, class I of washability, paint with high resistance to wash cycles, weathering and UV.


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