Advices for interior


Unwanted bonding of two painted surfaces when pressed together (e.g., a door attached to the leaf).



  • Not enough drying time has been left before closing doors or windows
  • Too high film thickness 

Follow the instructions give on the label of the paint regarding drying time and application way.  Poor quality paints might have weak blocking resistance, especially under warm heat conditions. If 35 microns films are applied, there is the risk the product does not dry in depth. The coat thickness specified in the technical sheet or the label of the product must be considered. Acrylic paints have, in general, blocking resistance earlier than alkyd paints.  However, the alkyds build up a high blocking resistance over time.
EVRIKA fast drying enamel
dries in 30 de minutes, being used for covering new surfaces as well as for the maintenance or repair of already painted surfaces.

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