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Exfoliation of a of dry paint film in at least one layer as a result of aging which, ultimately, will lead to complete removal of the paint. In early phases, the problem appears as hairline cracks.



  • Water based paints applied at low temperatures
  • Over thinning, over leveling the paint
  • Inappropriate preparation of surface, or application of paint on wood without previous primering
  • Excessive hardening and brittleness of the alkyd paint as the layers, successively applied, age

The environmental conditions noted on the product label/ technical data sheet must be observed. Dilution of the product is according to the instructions on the product label. Excessive thinning affects the product's properties and its resistance over time. Inappropriate surface preparation and inappropriate application of the product may also influence exfoliation. The solution to be adopted is the removal of paint layers that detach using a spatula or a wire brush. If paint exfoliation appears in multiple layers of paint, it is necessary to completely remove the paint, down to support.
For wooden surfaces, LAZUR primer for wood protection should be used before the repainting which penetrates deep into wood, ensuring good adhesion to both the substrate and the finishing layers.

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