Advices for interior


Stains or black, gray or brown areas on a painted surface.



• Are most often formed on areas that tend to become damp or exposed to little or no sunlight (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens)
• Lack of primer prior to application of paint
• Painting on a substrate that has not removed the mold


The mold appears where condensation is present, so the first step is to remove any source of moisture on the wall. Two causes of condensation are the vapors in the bathroom and the kitchen that condense on the walls in the absence of efficient ventilation, the temperature difference between the interior and exterior. Depending on how deep the mold is installed, clean the area with a cloth / sponge with water and detergent / household bleach. This step is necessary to conceal the spread of fungi. Allow the surface to dry in depth.
If you are going to paint a surface that is in a high humidity environment or that is prone to dampness we recommend EVRIKA bathroom and kitchen, anti-mold paint.

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