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Azur continues to be involved in projects targeting the community. This time, we supported a large-scale project centered on the famous painter Gheorghe FIKL whose works are in some of the most important royal collections around the world. In this way, we wanted to offer a natural approach to art, socio-cultural identity and history of the city, but also to actively engage in the life of the community. CEO, Zoltan Jakab, publicly expressed his and AZUR’s respect and esteem for the values ​​of Timisoara. "AZUR is a bastion that survives over the years and is growing strongly today. Founded in 1844 this company has gone through the two World Wars, through nationalization and later through the changes that have emerged after 1989. During this time, the company has influenced urban life and has been involved in local projects. Azur continues to develop and engages in community support and the company’s mission highlights our target of remaining involved in the life of the city by participating in beneficial actions for Timisoara residents. We chose to be the partners of this project that has a close connection with the identity of Timisoara a color project bringing the artistic act closer to the public. The Farber family, who has founded and now owns Azur, is involved in supporting art. Art is one of the most beautiful reasons to bring people together and make them love their true talents. We will continue to be with Timisoara and we will support actions that will not only bring joy to the inhabitants of this town, but will also have concrete effects on the future development of the town ", said CEO, Zoltan Jakab, at the opening of the event Saturday, July 23, 2016 at the Art Museum in Timisoara in the presence of a generous audience.

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