EVRIKA Garage Paint

EVRIKA is an acrylic resin paint that can be used to decorate mineral floors (concrete, screeds) subject to light or normal traffic (garages, workshops, basements, terraces, stairs), mineral plasters, sockets, walls and masonry. It can also be applied to wood and metal surfaces, both inside and outside, and over the old alkyd paint layers. Forms a film that is resistant to mechanical agents (knocking, rubbing, scratching), cleaning agents as well as grease and oil stains.


  • Anti-slipping effect
  • Resistance to stains, grease and oil 
  • Resistance to cleaning agents
  • Semi matte aspect
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Good support adherence
  • Colors : grey RAL 7032 and grey RAL 7040

1-2 coats cu with brush, roll or by spraying. Product will not be applied under rain, snow or fog conditions. Concrete floors will be previously primed with EVRIKA garage thinned 10% with water.


SPREADING RATE: 10 -14 sqm/l/coat
DRYING TIME: 24 hours dry for traffic at 21°C

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