EVRIKA PRO Enamel 3IN1 anticorrosive

Evrika PRO 3în1 is an alkyd enamel that can be applied directly over rust, for the protection and decoration of ferrous metallic surfaces: grills, fences, gates and garden furniture. The product simultaneously performs three functions: corrosion inhibitor, primer and enamel, for protection and decoration. It provides for decorative finishing, with various aspects: hammer blow, wrought iron and glossy. It can be easily applied and shows excellent adherence a very good wear and weathering resistance.


  • Directly over rust
  • 3în1:  corrosion inhibitor, primer and enamel
  • Fast drying
  • Shows resistance against the action of chemical agents, water and saline fog
  • Good brushing capacity, building characteristic pattern

For ferrous surfaces: apply two coats with brush, roll, or by spraying, allowing 4 hours to dry between coats. If applied by spraying, product should be thinned with thinner D506, max. 5%.

HIDING POWER: 8-10 square meters/liter/coat
DRYING TIME: at 210C: dust free -30 minute, in depth - 6 hours
PACKING: 0,75l; 2,5l; 20Kg


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