Lazur water based Ready Mix


LAZUR water-based is a product used to protect outdoor / indoor wooden surfaces. The product contains wax that gives it waterproofness. Lazur Lac water-based is characterized by a fine, silky appearance, which highlights the structure of the wood and is resistant to scratches. The product can have a triple role of primer for impregnation, stain for coloring and varnish for a long protection of wood.



  • Mold- resistant formula
  • Fast drying- 30 minutes
  • Contains wax- ensures impermeability
  • Odorless
  • UV and weathering resistance 
  • Scratch resistance
  • Colorless + 8 colors


1-2 coats with brush, spraying gun or by immersion. Product will be applied as such.

SPREADING RATE: 16-22 sqm/l/coat
DRYING TIME: 2 hours at 21°C
PACKING: 0,75l; 2,5l

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