Evrika Pro structured plaster R25 with silicone

Evrika Pro structured plaster R25 with silicone was designed for decorative interior and exterior finishing. It is manufactured as clear and as white base, with a grooved appearance given by a maximum size of mineral aggregates of -2,5 mm.


  • Grooved apparence ""tree bark"
  • Durability over time
  • Resistance to weathering and UV radiation
  • Freeze & thaw resistance
  • Water impermeability and water vapor permeability
  • Resistance to scratch, mechanical shocks & alkaline solutions
  • Easy to apply

It will be applied as such or thinned with max. 2% cold clean water. Evrika Pro structured plaster R25 with silicone will be applied with a stainless steel trowel, so that film thickness does not exceed maximum size of mineral aggregates. It will be structured afterwards with an even, plastic trowel. Desired structure will be obtained through circular, horizontal, vertical or in cross movements.

SPREADING RATE: 3 - 3,5 Kg/sqm
DRYING TIME: 2-3 days at 21°C

Technical data sheet: TDS165 EVRIKA PRO R25 Decorative plaster S 8566.pdf

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