EVRIKA Structured Plaster R15 with silicone

Decorative structured plaster EVRIKA is a product for interior and exterior manufactured as clear and as white base. It has good adherence to mineral supports, wear and scratch resistance, vapors permeability and water impermeability. Product provides the protection of mineral surfaces, being resistant to temperature variations, pollution and weathering. Maximum size of mineral aggregates 1-1,5 mm. Base product can be colored in various shades with the coloring pastes recommended by Azur.


  • Grooved apparence ""tree bark"
  • Weathering resistance
  • Resistance to scratch and mechanical shocks
  • Water vapor permeability
  • Water impermeable
  • Resistance to dirt and wear
  • Good support adherence absorbent and non-absorbent
  • Easy to apply


Homogenize product. New surfaces will be primed with the walls solution EVRIKA and afterwards one coat of primer paint EVRIKA will be applied, colored in same shade as the plaster. Plaster will be applied with stainless steel trowel and structured with a plastic made trowel by circular, vertical or horizontal moves. It is recommended to apply without interruption on large surfaces to prevent overlapping defects. Apply one coat at 10-300C; it can be used as such or thinned with maximum 2% water.

SPREADING RATE: 2,5-3 Kg/sqm
DRYING TIME: 2-3 days at 21°C

Technical data sheet: TDS272 EVRIKA R15, R25 Decorative plaster, S 8568.pdf

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