EVRIKA washable paint for bathrooms and kitchens

EVRIKA bathroom and kitchen prevents mold formation and gives resistance to mushrooms and fungi, being ideal for spaces with high humidity.


  • Dampness resistance
  • Approved by Ministry of Health
  • Prevents the appearance of mold
  • High covering power
  • Super white 
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Good support adherence

1-2 coats with brush, roll, or by spraying. For the first coat thin with a max. of 10% cold water, for the second apply product as such. Absorbent surfaces (new) will be previously primed with the wall solution EVRIKA Azur.

HIDING POWER: 13 sqm/l/coat
DRYING TIME: 2 hours at 21°C
PACKING: 2,5l; 4l and 8,5l


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