Chlorinated rubber system

The Chlorinated rubber system is designed to cover concrete and metal surfaces in the chemical, naval, machine-building, civil and industrial construction industries, swimming pools.

QTEK enamel chlorinated rubber S 9110
QTEK enamel chlorinated rubber S9110 is characterized by remarkable chemical resistance to water and weak acid environments does not encourage the development of mushrooms, reduced water vapor permeability and weathering resistance.

QTEK primer based on chlorinated rubber S9802
QTEK primer S9802 is used for covering metallic surfaces in the chemical, navy, machines buildings industries and in civil constructions.

THINNER S905 (D006-1)
Thinner S905 (D006-1) is used for thinning coatings based on chlorinated rubber (QTEK enamel chlorinated rubber S9110, QTEK primer S9802) for viscosity adjustment prior to application. It can also be used for the maintenance of painting equipment (brush, spray gun) that has been used to apply the products.

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